Nude Sphinx aka scary hairless cat

Hairless cat
Image taken on 2004-10-10 14:39:10 by Ingrid!.

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15 Responses to “Nude Sphinx aka scary hairless cat”

  1. tomswift46(No more than 2 invites at a time please says:

    Scary Looking ..but funny.

  2. ... has left the building says:

    That’s a cat? Oops. Maybe a dalmatian in the family?

  3. juli.p says:

    i love those patches on him, i love her expression

  4. scubadive67 says:

    That goofy cat should be in the military,
    it has natural camouflage, ha ha ha…

  5. ... has left the building says:

    LOL @ Scuba! 😀

    Re: Ingrid, I am having so much fun here! :-)

    Organizing is my thing, you know. I couldn’t do that with my pictures before 😉

  6. Jakes_World says:

    Heheheeeee.. well I love cats, but would still prefer seeing Westminster there… Cat shows are so, different

  7. (michelle) says:

    somehow these freakish hairless cats bring out protective qualities in me. poor things are so exposed.

  8. ch173_p3pp3r says:

    What a wonderful critter!!!!!!
    And she looks like a calico.

  9. Nad says:

    good grief.

  10. Maked says:

    That cat has the same coloration as a Chinese Crested Hairless Dog.

    Anyone who thinks these cats are “goofy” should read the fascinating breeding history of this rare breed. I agree it’s not a cat for everyone, but it is a unique breed.

  11. Aaron Edwards says:

    Aaron sez – this stays!

    admission to Aaron’s Fabulous Flickr Favorites is granted.

    normally hairless and wrinkled frightens me…

  12. Ingrid! says:

    but it’s nude, and that’s all good.

  13. AZLee11 says:

    I think "Spot" would be an appropriate name for kitty.

  14. aMy_GoTh says:

    I love this cat ^ ^ I want to have a cat sphinx! this is very nice with 3 different colors not had ever seen. very nice

  15. tacosnachosburritos says:

    His name is Spot.


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